This was such a fun project – putting together a bespoke wedding invitation along with reply slip, accommodation and directions. Then order of service, menus, seating plan and many of the other little items to pull it all together.

More pictures to come after the wedding!


Another brief for Shillington College. This one was to create a roll and fold brochure for the London Transport Museum.


This was a fun brief for college putting together a series of three adverts for World Expeditions in National Geographic Magazine. The aim of this one was to appeal to the person who wants a luxury backpacking experience.


This project was to come up with a name for an Arts and Culture Magazine and a design that would reflect the name. It was important to make sure that the idea would appeal to the demographic and would be continued through out the magazine.


This is another project for Shillington College. The brief was to create an A5 double sided postcard that was fresh and inviting and would appeal to families as well as surfers.


Another Shillington College brief. This time to create high end, boutique chocolate packaging. We were given a choice of names and immediately Sweet Pantry stood out for me. I loved the idea of creating something with a 1950s retro feel but a modern slant using colour.


This brief was to create two book covers by hand. I chose two books that I loved as a child and are still firm favourites today. My aim was to make something that would be appealing to both children and their parents – a classic!

Little Women – I love the idea of butterflies representing the March girls in the story, and I wanted to create a cover that hinted at the time period using the floral paper with beautiful traditional colours, the feminine shape of the butterfly and script font. The cover was created by cutting out and sticking layers of card together to get the 3D effect. The text was added on the computer and all the elements pulled together.

Treasure Island – I wanted to create a cover that would be really eye catching  and create real interest, especially for little boys who it can be difficult to get to sit still long enough to read a book! It was a little more labour intensive and a lot of fun – in fact it reminded me of projects I used to do when I was a teenager for my little brothers. The 3D effect was created by drawing the shapes and text onto a page then filling them in with glue. I let the glue dry and painted over it all in brown then the raised glue pattern in gold.


This brief was another one for Shillington College, and was to create an series of Coke adverts for Frankie Magazine:

” Frankie is an Australian magazine with all the latest news, trends and events in fashion, travel, food, music, craft, art and more”

I wanted to make sure that the adverts would suit the magazine and felt that using fabric shapes would create a cute, crafty advert.



“Doing Things Differently”. This college brief was to create an annual report for Pfizer. After lots of brainstorming and research I came up with the idea using x-ray photos of flowers as my theme. My thought process was that medication is made from plants and I felt that the images showed plants from a different perspective – doing things differently.

I found some beautiful images by photographer Nick Veasy, who very generously gave me permission to use his images for my porfolio:


This college brief was to create a brand for a new property company in Chicago who refurbish old factories and turn them into beautiful,moderns, fresh apartments. Horizon was one of the names that was given to us and it was my favourite. I love the image that it gave me, of anything being within reach, expanding horizons and getting your dream home.


This college brief was to create an e-newsletter for Sydney Dance Company.


This was another brief for Shillington College – We were asked to come up with a dynamic, exciting, cutting edge name and a theme for a fashion campaign in London Fashion Week. From there we needed to roll it out to a brochure invitation and other collateral.

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