Children’s Books


This brief was to create two book covers by hand. I chose two books that I loved as a child and are still firm favourites today. My aim was to make something that would be appealing to both children and their parents – a classic!

Little Women – I love the idea of butterflies representing the March girls in the story, and I wanted to create a cover that hinted at the time period using the floral paper with beautiful traditional colours, the feminine shape of the butterfly and script font. The cover was created by cutting out and sticking layers of card together to get the 3D effect. The text was added on the computer and all the elements pulled together.

Treasure Island – I wanted to create a cover that would be really eye catching  and create real interest, especially for little boys who it can be difficult to get to sit still long enough to read a book! It was a little more labour intensive and a lot of fun – in fact it reminded me of projects I used to do when I was a teenager for my little brothers. The 3D effect was created by drawing the shapes and text onto a page then filling them in with glue. I let the glue dry and painted over it all in brown then the raised glue pattern in gold.